The Ranch offers 2 main programs for K-5 classes.  The original Cowboy Logic Series offers 4 learning stations that center around how Cowboy’s used their knowledge of heat, energy, soil/water and animal management.  Each 25 minute station has a short lesson, followed by hands on activities.  

The Ranch’s Farm Fun Day Programs offer a fun reading based program. Choose from 4 classic tales to expose your kids to the joy of reading and experiencing supporting learning stations.  

The Ranch also offers programs for groups with special needs and learning abilities.  Some of these programs incorporate the sensory trail along with the animals.  We can work with your group to determine the best program for you.

Afterwards, the After Party includes your picnic time, Gaga Ball and The Kangaroo Jumper! Note that most students will want extra water after lunch.

Cost:  Teachers are always free.  Most programs are $10/child/parent.

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Cowboy logic series

The Cowboy Logic Series is an experiential learning model that intertwines the history of the cowboy with scientific, mathematical and problem solving skills needed for today. This program fully integrates with the NC Common Core Curriculum, supports the STEM academics and builds a “healthy learning model”. 

STEM Topics:

Dirt 101:  Discover different soil types and test your ranch building skills on the land/water table.  Discover the various techniques that farmers used to slow down erosion on the farm.
Dare to Compare:  Classify horses and other small farm animals and discover their unique characteristics and adaptations.
Farm Physics Simple Machines:  Discover how simple machines made a Cowboy’s work easier.
Campfire Lab:  discussions on fire, heat transfer, physical/chemical changes through demonstrations around a campfire.

An ecology lab exploration using the Sensory Trail can be substituted for a station.

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fun farm day

The Ranch’s Farm Fun Day is an interactive reading of a favorite tale followed by supporting learning stations:

  1. Small Animal Farm Visit

  2. Active Game on the Low Ropes/Trail

  3. Imagination Station

  • The Stinky Cheeseman

  • How I Became a Pirate

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

  • Charlotte’s Web

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Special Ed for special kids

The Ranch offers special programs for your Special Ed Classes.  Most classes are mobile and can participate in learning on the farm scavenger hunt and the small animal petting area.  Contact us about your needs and we can advise you on the best programs.


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