Counseling Programs

The Ranch offers a variety of holistic Equine Assisted wellness programs and support modalities for mental/behavioral health as well as for physical therapy needs.  These researched backed models of therapy have helped children, adults and families deal with trauma, depression, disorders and a variety of special needs challenges.
Horses are the main element in the treatment plans as they have natural characteristics that facilitate positive emotional and physical changes. Our other farm animals also have a role to play.

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How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

You can call the office or email us to schedule your Intake with our therapist.  Our staff will follow up to get your personal information and insurance.  If you have insurance, we will be glad to file it as a courtesy to you.  The therapist will then schedule an intake will take about 75 minutes.  After that initial meeting, they will design a personalized plan for you. 

 We offer a specialized therapy, but we do not require a doctor's referral.  

The Outdoor Nature Programs include walking/riding trails, natural play areas, a large interactive jump pillow and a 20'tall inflatable slide.  A sensory trail and natural playground allow clients to enjoy the outdoors, therefore improving their approach to therapy.  This natural “green space” is another part of the unique therapeutic environment found at Bit of Hope and can facilitate sensory processing and "grounding" benefits for the client.

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Outdoor Nature Therapy

The Ranch's Outdoor Nature programs include a sensory trail, a low ropes course as well as a natural playground.  These elements are used by the therapist for Walk and Talk and other therapy models.

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The Ranch uses horses as well as the outdoor nature programs to offer therapeutic services for those with autism.  These clients learn how to overcome social challenges as well as they are introduced to a variety of sensory processing situations.  Herd By a Horse is the group therapy program that is held during the spring, summer and fall.  Contact us for more info.

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Equine assisted psychotherapy

The horses are used in their natural stage for EAP.  Our therapy teams use two recognized models of therapy.

EAGALA is the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.

Natural Lifemanship is a trauma focused form of therapy that also incorporates rhythmic riding for brain integration.

Here are just some of the mental/behavioral challenges our therapists treat.

Anxiety     Depression     Eating     Disorders

Abuse        Trauma             Grief

ADHD      ADD                Autism/ Sensory Disorders

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