A Horse’s Blindness Offers Insight

Luna’s Loss of Sight Gives In-Sight

Luna came to the Ranch last January full of promise for helping our Therapeutic Riders that have disabilities. She is a 12 year old haflinger/paint mare that was built strong enough for the larger riders. As a backyard horse, she trusted people and seemed confident enough for her job.

All new horses that come to the farm must undergo training and a series of test before they are allowed to work with our clients. As Luna’s training progressed, we found that she was getting more tense and nervous in her work. She would often hit me with her head or shoulder or just refuse to move when asked. We were in the round pen one day and I had just had a frustrating session with her. Nothing that I was doing seem to work and we both were ready to call it quits for the day. I yelled out loud to her, “why can you not see what I am trying to show you”?  Not my finest moment. In the next moment God whispered in my ear , “maybe she cannot see you”. 

Immediately, all of it made sense. A week later, the vet confirmed our suspicions. Luna was blind in her right eye. Once we understood her limitations, we were able to tailor her training to fit her needs.

Luna has entered our therapeutic riding program and carries riders from ages 8-65 years old.  She thrives having a horse leader volunteer that she can confidently follow.

We also have found a unique benefit for enlisting her help for coaching and counseling.   Clients can explore their own blind spots in relationships and with their own identity.  Just as Luna looks for someone to lead her, clients also evaluate who is influencing them on their journey.  What started off as a disability has turned into a powerful learning opportunity for those who want to “see”.

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Luna eats 20 lbs of hay a day, requires regular hoof trims, annual shots, etc. It costs $200/month for the upkeep of her. We know that she is worth every penny! Donor dollars support all of the herds at the Ranch. Thank you for helping and sharing our story.