Scouts and Special Groups

The Ranch offers special groups and Scouts many learning opportunities.  Our programs offer themes that focus on horses, horse therapy, animal husbandry, STEM with a farm focus, leadership building, outdoor art, etc.   Take a look below to see what we can offer your group/troop.  The Ranch is a Girl Scout Partner and would love to host your group for a special program.

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Group themes

These 2 hour programs are age appropriate and cover run 1.5-2 hours (depending on the age/size of the group)  These programs offer an area for picnicking afterwards free of charge.  We serve groups of 10-100 participants.  Contact us today for details and pricing.

  • Horse Care/Education. This two hour program covers feeding, health care, body language, horse safety ( and lead lines rides are available for some groups).

  • Horses helping Humans: This two hour program covers how horses help us for counseling and physical disabilities. Participants learn from a demo style and some hands on learning.

  • Cowboy Logic STEM: This two hour program covers farm physics, soil/erosion, animal adaptations and campfire lab (heat/energy). Each lesson is age appropriate.

  • Lead Ropes Leadership: This program can be expanded for a half day learning program too. It can incorporate the horses and low ropes course.

  • Christian/Spiritual Focus group: This 2 hour program uses horses to teach Biblical truths about how God loves us, pursues us, communicates with us and leads us.

  • Farm Scavenger Hunt: This 2 hour program is a walking tour where participants will cover about 1 mile of walking around the barn, farm and trails while discovering a variety of objects, animals, plants/trees etc that that up the farm ecosystem.


Badge programs

The Ranch is the perfect location to earn your badges.  We are an official Girl Scout Program Partner and have offered programs for Heritage Girls and Boy Scouts.

  • Horse

  • Animal Husbandry

  • STEM

  • Leadership

  • Custom Badges
    **Also, consider us for your Eagle Scout and Silver/Gold award needs.



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leader's training site

The Ranch offers its site for your training needs.  Bring your team and get certified in fire safety, tents/camping, first aid, etc.  Contact us for your needs.