Autism, Asperger’s and any sensory processing disorder can lead to an isolating and frustrating journey for both child and parent.  Children with autism struggle with making friends and understanding their emotions as well as being aware of social cues from peers.

Herd By a Horse was created in 2016 to address this particular issues.  Specific activities are used to stimulate various parts of their brain to strengthen everyday living skills.  Some weeks involve grooming, bathing a horse, riding, using the sensory trail or low ropes course or a variety of other activities.  This 6 week group therapy runs throughout the year and is helping children and parents to embrace this journey.


Briana Perkins, LCPA, is the leading researcher at the Ranch in this area and has also written a manual to help other equine therapy facilities.  Contact Briana Perkins with any questions or concerns.

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Herd By a Horse Program for ages 6-15.

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