The Wellness Clinic Helps Clients Take Steps Toward Freedom

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Hundreds of children transform their lives because of healing found in the open spaces on the Ranch using the outdoor and equine programs. Our unique programs offer the healing power of horses as well as nontraditional specialized equipment. Because of the growing success of these therapies, there is a current 4-6 month wait list for children that are missing this opportunity. To meet this urgent need, we are adding a new therapy space--a wellness clinic.

Proposed Space for the Wellness Clinic

Proposed Space for the Wellness Clinic

The Project

The 700 sq ft Wellness Clinic is housed in a re-purposed horse barn that will offer a climate controlled environment for sessions. A wheelchair accessible sensory garden will lead into the multi purpose therapy space.

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Clients that struggle with mental health challenges are "trapped" in emotional ruts and webs caused by trauma, neglect and life's circumstances. Sessions in the Wellness Clinic will include art/play therapy in the sun room area or will offer a hands on activity to promote focus and relaxation.


Clients with Autism often feel trapped because they process the world differently. This places them at a higher risk of feeling isolated and frustrated. Sensory Processing Disorders also make it difficult to carry out daily tasks. In the clinic, they can practice working through their challenges in a safe supportive space.

Clients bound to a walker or wheelchair feel trapped with limited independence. The special swings, mats, ramps, sensory ball pit and climbing wall, will give physical therapists options for working with our clients to improve their ability to walk up stairs, to dress themselves and to become self sufficient.


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We need team players willing to purchase a horseshoe to honor the Strides Toward Freedom that clients take every time they arrive at the Ranch. This $80,000 project will allow us to double the clients seen weekly. Purchased horseshoes will be displayed around the clinic as a reminder of the community's support for the wellness clinic. These horseshoes will also be a motivation for the clients that are seeking freedom.

Join our team of Ranch Heroes with a donation to reach our goal of $80,000.

$ 10,000 (Platinum)
$ 5,000 (Gold)
$ 2,500 (Silver)
$ 1,000 (Bronze)