Bit of Hope Ranch periodically offers some of their herd up for adoption due to a variety of reasons.  Therapy work with clients is hard work...and not every horse thrives in this environment.  Sometimes, they do not have the mental or physical stamina to be part of our program.  Sometimes, a horse is fully rehabbed and we need to make room for another animal in need.  

Take a look at the horse(s) listed below as part of the adoption program.  If you are interested, please complete the form below and we can set up a time for you to come see the horse.  We strive to disclose as much information as we have about each horse.  If the horse is not a fit, you will have 2 weeks to return the horse in the same condition as when he/she left the Ranch.  

Pilgrim is a 15 year old chestnut QH mare (no papers) that came to our farm due to the tragic death of her owner last year.  This horse camped and trail rode several weekends/month and is happiest doing that job.   We have used her for some therapy, but she is not happy with new riders each day.  We have had teenagers and adults work with her.  She needs someone that can be her leader and partner ongoing.  She can walk, trot and canter, but sometimes deals with stiffness in her hocks and hoof abscesses.  She is barefoot now, but would need shoes or boots on the trail.  We have ridden her western and english and with a bit or bitless bridle.  She does better with another horse, but would be fine with an advanced beginner.  So far, she has not spooked or bucked with a rider, but she is still too tense for our fragile riders. 

We want this girl to be with the right owner as it took her months to adjust from losing her owner.  She is trusting again now and needs to find her a home where she can explore the trails again.

Adoption Fee $500.



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