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The Ranch’s mission of providing equine assisted therapies to people with mental health and physical needs requires a team of people that are passionate about supporting and growing this worthy cause. The Ranch is meeting the needs of children and adults who are struggling with challenges that are preventing them from moving forward in life. Clients greatly benefit from our holistic and integrated Outdoor therapy and Equine Assisted therapies.

The horses play in integral part by offering their body and soul as a bio feedback machine. Physical therapists harness their movement to strengthen the bodies of the riders who need to increase flexibility, strength or coordination. Mental Health therapists allow clients to engage with the horses as partners during sessions as the horse’s sensitivity can shed light on complicated patterns and issues. Although this is a very effective form of therapy, it is also very costly.

Our Development Board leads the way in fundraising and sharing our story by strategic interactions with those in their own community. We are looking for like minded team mates that can join us in strengthening the mission by supporting fundraising events, marketing strategies and donor development.

what is the purpose of the development board of directors?

1.  Be Ambassadors for our stories, mission and fundraising efforts.  Share actively with your contacts and network channels. We will provide at each meeting a testimonial that you can take back with you to share. We encourage to share on social media, in your church/special groups and at community events. We will provide you with printed and other media that makes it simple for you to share.

2.  Expand our reach—inside and outside our community. Bit of Hope Ranch is wanting to make an impact in Gaston County…and across our country. We eagerly look for learning and sharing opportunities that will benefit our Ranch as well as others in our field. We welcome people outside of Gaston County that feel that they can directly benefit our efforts. Development members are always looking for new team mates!

3.  Collaboration: Inspire and support similar programs with ideas and collaboration. We are stronger by sharing and working with others.

4.  Friend and Fund Raise by: booking private tours with potential donors, help secure business sponsors, assist with contacting Grant boards/committees and participate in events by assisting the day of the event and obtaining sponsorships.

5.  Contributing: The Ranch requires $175,000 just to operate and cover the expenses of the facility and horses. We ask that Development Board members assist in directly or indirectly contributing $2000/year for fundraising. This is not something that is tracked officially, but it is a goal to show the importance of funding.



We are currently seeking like minded applicants who are 18 years and older and feel that they are aligned with the mission of the Ranch. We are a Christian founded mission and meetings open in prayer.

Meets are held on the 2nd Tues of Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov at 7:00 and will run approximately 60 minutes. Monthly communication is through email. Meetings can be held in person at the Ranch or on Zoom for those who are not local. We will send out a reminder email the week before along with anything that would need to be prepared beforehand. The meeting atmosphere is casual and positive. Members are expected to attend at least 4/year. Development Members need to commit for a year and can continue up to three years before renewing their commitment at the end of their term.


Thank you for deciding to apply for our Board Development Team! Complete your application and email it to Feel free to contact us with questions at this email address or 704 862-0095. Once the application is received and reviewed, we will be in touch. Thank you again for your interest.